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Hey guys! I got a Christmas bonus at work and bought some Flowtech Terminator mufflers for my baby! Me and a buddy from highschool welded them in a week or so ago and it just doesn't sound right. It's REALLY deep but it drones real bad right around 1700RPM. It doesn't sound throaty like it should. Past 2k RPM it doesn't sound much different from the stock ones...I'm thinking my remaining cats are clogged up and heavily restricting my flow.
The mufflers I got have one 3" chambers inside of them with no fiberglass packing so they should be a lot louder...

I'm looking for a race car like sound so I want to get an X-pipe. I'm really thinking of getting this one:|Model:Mustang|Submodel:GT&hash=item4846326d41&item=310415355201&pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr

Or if anyone has an O/R x-pipe laying around and are willing to sell, send me a PM!

Also, when we welded in the new mufflers, we had to cut off the hangers on the stock ones because we couldn't get them out of the rubber pieces. The new mufflers aren't as tall as the stock ones so we weren't able to weld the hangers back on... (Yes they are still in the rubber pieces under the car LOL) When we bolted them to the stock h-pipe they don't budge at all so I guess they are ok like that? Anyone have a horror story of there mufflers falling off?
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