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looking to photoshop gurus for a new sig

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i noticed the request thread has been dead sense may so i figured i would come in here.

with my poor car almost kicking the bucket i was forced to buy a new vehicle and sell the stang:sorry. watched it leave today with its new owner for next to nothing. of course the new owner is the neighbor so ill see the car everyday sense im friends with the neighbors. sad day it is i tell you :sorry.

that being said i need a new kickass sig for my truck. i will attach some pics i took the day i got her. if someone could hook me up all kinds of good reps will be given to all who try.

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there is a section just for sigs..
ull get a better chance of flaggin em down here, moved to chopshop
Great looking sig!
love em both thanks guys may have to put it to a vote if i get any more lol
i vote the second one :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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