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looking to upgrade my cam Any suggestions

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I am currentley running this setup and dont think my heads and intake are benifiting from the e303 cam. Which cam do you guys think would help me get the most out of my setup??

306, Edelbrock performer RPM Heads, Edelbrock Performer RPM 2 Intake, E303, Flowmaster Force 2 Cat back Exaust, H-Pipe No Cats, 373s, 24 Pound injectors, Cold air intake, 75mm Mass air meter, 70mm Throttle body,110 fuel pump,Ford underdrive pulleys
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custom of course would be the best....maybe a trickflow stage 2 or an anderson n41....or an edelbrock cam designed for your setup
Thanks for the response. Anyone else have any suggestions?
I would also say OTS edelbrock probably has something that you'll like more than that letter cam...the other obvious answer is custom cam but IMHO it's not always necessary for the "novice car guy".
AFM (anderson ford motorsports) offers a lot of different cam grinds as well
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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