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1998 4.6 AOD:

Got in the car one day and turn it on, everything good. I put into drive and all of a sudden the car bucks forward...then drops to normal idle and no issues. Couple days later same thing...but car idles out and drives fine. About a week later I'm driving no problems and car just dies randomly. I get out, pull off&put on battery terminal again and car starts and I drive off. Two miles later car shuts off again, I restart it, 1 mile later happens again, 1 stop light later it happens again. Only way I made it back to my shop was by taking a battery starter and hooking it on to battery and driving with hood laying on charger all the way back.

  • Battery reads normal voltage
  • Alternator gives off charge
  • plugs and sparks good
  • no vacuum leaks
  • not MAF

It seems like a short but it doesn't happen suddenly, as soon as I put it into gear you can see on the battery gauge the voltage drops extremely low so seems there is some parasitic draw coming from somewhere. If I keep on throttle I can keep idle high and battery voltage within normal parameters, but as soon as I get to a light and let off throttle it will die and only start if terminal is put on again.
Heres the weird part, went to start it up after a few days and car makes it around the neighborhood no prob but again the battery voltage is extremely low once put into gear. Take car out of gear and voltage goes back to normal range. In turn, I cannot drive it without fear of it dying.

(My thoughts) -
1. Could it be some PCM short or relay issue causing coil pack problems? (I believe unlikely)
2. Torque converter might be binding up creating large power draw leading to an overall shut down when car loses supplemental current increase from high rpms. (I feel this is most likely, yet if it is... how would I even check this. Would I be able to see any kind of visible signs if I were to take trans out?) I haven't tried to take it far from my shop in that I don't want to get stranded but the car makes it around the neighborhood fine but just with low voltage and I'm sure if I drove it any farther it would die at some point.

Lets be honest... this would be a great time to just manual swap it, but time is tight and the car only has 50,000 miles so any help appreciated here because I'm lost. Thanks
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