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lost my keys..

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well long story short i ended up losing my keys somehow this weekend and now i have to get it towed to the dealership here to get new ones made. however the only problem is that when i gave them my VIN number and they saw it was a 2000 they told me that they dont have 2000 codes anymore. anythoughts on what i should do about this?
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did you try a different dealer? i'd think they should have the codes idk why they would get rid of them
+1, go to a different dealer. I finally got my extra key for my cobra (99) programmed less then 2 months ago and they still had the codes.
Call a locksmith..... They are usually cheaper than the dealer and will drive to you.
for sure go to a diff dealer. If they have codes for a 97 24 foot box truck, I am sure they have them for a 2000 mustang.
X2 on a locksmith.... they should be able to program your keys also... if not the ford dealer will have to program them (or at least erase them from the computer...)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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