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Lots of parts for sale, eaton swap, KB, JLT, BF, LFP

Selling a bunch of parts for a friend of mine, i have them all, im dealing with shipping, payment, everything.

Pics will be coming within the next few days, pelase do not post up, PM, or email me asking for pictures.

lets start with the aftermarket goodies:

1. KenneBell 2.8H has about 3000 miles on it, excellent shape. comes with a BilletFlow hub, with a 3.65 grooved (non slip) pulley, and a 3.40 non grooved pulley, both black. also comes with a KB Accufab throttle body. will not ship this item at this point, it is big and heavy. $3600

2. LFP heat exchanger. has some bent fins, its the single pass model, no stencil on it. i would rate as good condition $200 shipped

3. Reichard Racing Manual tensioner good shape, could use to be cleaned up a little, its jsut a little dirty, has all the hardware, and one of the bolts on the tensioner has surface rust. $250 shipped

4. Billetflow 3 peice idler kit black hard anodized 2 100MM idlers, 1 92MM. great shape $150 shipped

5. JLT High Boost CAI. i would rate it fair condition, the filter is dirty, has a few defects, the tube is a matte black color, and has a few knicks in it. $100+ shipping

6. Metco Lower Pulley kit. great condition, includes a 0LBS ring, and a 2LBS ring. was missing some bolts, but have brand new ones on the way from metco, so it will be 100% complete $300 shipped

7. Metco 6LBS pulley ring (this is mine) great shape $75 shipped
thats it for aftermarket parts for now, possibly a aftermarket mezeire IC pump, and a set of kooks, and hooker headers coming up in the future.
stock "eaton swap" parts:

8. 03/04 cobra altenator/brackets. has about 10K miles on it $200 shipped

9. pulley bridge, i will try to include as many bolts for it as i can, but cant promise everything is there $175 shipped

10. upper pulley and bracket that mounts where the altenator would on a 99/01 cobra, or 03/04 mach. $75 shipped

11. IC resevoir $20 + shipping

may also have a few other stock parts but somebody else has dibs on those first. they include lower intake, intercooler, P/S res. bracket, throttle, and CC cables, and heat exchanger brackets. please dont PM me asking me to sell you these, they are spoken for and i will post them up, if, and when they become available.

payment: the only form of payment that will be accepted in personal check or USPS MO, prefferably personal check, i do not, and will not accept paypal, please dont ask. you can see by my excellent trader rating that im not here to rip anybody off.

please PM me with any other questions you may have.
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