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low oil light on

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low oil light comes on some times. (1996 mystic cobra) but oil presser is high and oil is full what could it be. no I think please only I know

thanks hedgehog
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I just got done reading about someones brake light.... In my head replaced oil with brake. My bad...
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Oil pressure gauges in these cars are poop.
could be needing new brake pads? check the pads if you can, let us know how they are worn. when your trying to stop, how does it handle?
Dude... What the hell do his brake pads have to do with his oil pressure... :wtf

I say it could be ur oil pressure sending unit on its way out...
yeah the gauges are dummies and the sender tends to go out. I would either not worry about and just check the oil regularly, get a new sending unit, or just invest in a real gauge.
how many quarts of oil are you putting into it?
Oil pressure gauges in these cars are poop.
+1. My 2000 Grand Marquis did the same thing. It was te oil pressure sending unit on it that went bad.
some lights on my gauges dont work, it dont even mark tha miles im putting on tha car no more
My 96 does that. The low oil light usually comes on when I start it and either goes away in a few minutes or stays on. I check the oil often and its fine. I just gave up and assumed everything was ok.
You got to be kidding! mayby aliens got into my oil pan that I can beleive you guys are retards this is the last time I an going to post any thing on the wed sight **** off lol
Bye. Adios. :fu Have a nice day.
Yeah, uh :wtf did we do?
I guess he is mad becuase Vitaanswered the question to a different problem. He misread what was posted. oh well.
doh! misposting FTMFL! meh. we've all done it. and probably spelled it all wrong too...:shiftyeyes
i was wondering y he was all mad jaja
Drove car today and the oil light did not come on this sucks.thinking of putting a 2004 cobra motor in my 1996 mystic cobra
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