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Lowered my GT!!!

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Lowered on H&R supersports with a spohn panhard bar with del/sphere bushings. Also a pic of my blacked out tail lights

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Looks good -- nice stance!
nice car , i like the blacked out look. pretty sweet bro. keep up the mods. the car is never finished lol
The Kona Blue with black accent pieces looks amazing! Awesome Mustang!
Looks good lowered, now for some wheels.
Looks sharp
I love the car lowered, I am having mine done in two weeks. I have tein flex coilovers going on my ride. I agree that the rims are going to need to be next. I am in the same situation. I need some rims on this car.
aside from the fact that the trunk doesn't look like it fits right, the rear end actually looks pretty good with the lights blacked out. A 5.0 is looking like an option after i pay this one off in a couple more years.
How does the car ride on the H&R supersports? Are you happy with the set up? I have Tein coilovers going on first but I also Steeda coilovers going on. I am going to see which one I like best and sell the others to someone local. I am also doing the same thing with the catback and X-pipe between the Magnaflow and the Steeda. After some A/B testing someone will get a deal on a like new item.
I thought I didn't like the rear ends on the new mustangs. But your ass looks sexy robdawg
lol thanks... so far I like the ride on the Super Sports. We've been having some sloppy weather lately so I can't really try any aggressive driving, but just cruising around its nice. Of course I do have to take it really slow over speed bumps.
H&R supersports FTMFW! Best springs out there for the 05-up's lol, car looks good bro
how would 4.10's be on the 6spd for the 2011? do you think it will be a huge difference
with a 6 speed, i'd do 4.30's.
Speaking of rims, i like the look of the Boss 338 19". I saw 20"'s on a 2010 on this youtube video:

I love the look
i love the chin spoiler. im gonna do my 1 inch drop tomorrow
looks good...:cool:
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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