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Trevor Merritt
Lockport NY

I'm selling my 241 heads and LS1 intake. They were for another project of mine, but I've recently made a large purchase for my mustang and these need to go to fund it. These were taken off my friends car because he put new heads and a fast intake on it. Nothing wrong with them. They're stock valves and springs. I started to clean the one head as you can see in the pics and I cleaned the intake and it left half of it whitish looking. Can easily be black again with some armor all. If it really matters, I can armor all it and put up another pic, but believe me it'll look brand new again with 30 seconds of work.

$200 for the heads and intake plus shipping... make a good start to an LS1 swap:shiftyeyes

Also open to trades or partial trades. I'm looking for 1 7/8" 351 headers for a fox (no mac or bbk garbage), 351 efi distributor, neutral balance aluminum fly and/or balancer for a windsor, and a set of front and rear motor plates for a 351 fox.

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