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This thread is for the reviews and discussions of LSP products, LSP stands for Last Step product, which are normally a wax, sealant, or a nano coating.

The main purpose of this is to keep a little archive of reviews, while still maintaining easy discussion etc I can always add reviews to the first couple posts etc
You don't have to post a link to a separate review, however I already have a couple so that's how I'll be starting this off

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SON1C Synopsis 6 - Poorboys - Polish w/ Carnauba Wax - Auto Geek Online Auto Detailing Forum


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Autoglym HD - This was my cherry buster into the boutique world. Great life on durability as its a hybrid wax. Easy on easy off and is a pleasure to use. It is however not the deepest wettest looking wax and gives a decent shine to the car.

Pinnacle Signature Series II - I won this pot from AG and have loved it ever since. Honestly I feel it gives you the look of souveran and the lasting of AGHD. It is by far one of the best waxes I have ever used. Deep wet look and stays that way for a good while. Can be freshened up with sourveran spray wax to extend the life as well.

Meguiars #16 - For an OTC product this performs just as good as SSII in my opinion. Although it is a pain in the ass to get off the paint in my opinion. It has been discontinued since 2008/2009 I believe but sometimes you can run across a tin of it.

Wolfgang Fuzion - This is by far my favorite wax in my collection so far. It goes on like butter in a nice thin layer. It looks stupid wet and the wax lasts a decent amount in my opinion. Gives a nice deep gloss as well. The price of $175 is too much. I honestly see this a good wax at $75 - $99. The price would be the negative aspect of this wax.

Chemical Guys Lava - Have not used yet

Chemical Guys 50/50 - Have not used yet

Dodo Juice Double Wax - Have not used yet

Sonax Nuba - Have not used yet
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