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Okay, so I am new here. I already love this site and I want to start off with a challenge for you guys.

Here's the prob.

I have a 2001 ford mustang 3.8 v6 with the Mach 460 system. I liked the system in its entirety but I wanted an upgrade. I then saved up some money:baller: and took it down to the nearest audio shop. The audio shop installed 2 10" Rockford Fosgates and a Hitron amp. I asked them to keep the original head unit in. When I received my car, the audio guy said that the subs are not going to be very good without an aftermarket head unit. The system sounded pretty much exactly the same with the stock head unit. I then waited a couple more days and went out and bought a deck, dash kit, and wiring harness. My friend who knows more about this then I do installed these into my car. We wired all of the normal colors up and when it came to the actual RCA harness part, we wired the grounds together but left the blue/white wires hanging because there is no wire to hook it up on the back of the head unit.

Now here's the real problem,

Now that everything is installed, the bass sounds amazing :D and actually hits like its supposed to but the door speakers aren't working, and the tweeters are. This is also causing the Hitron amp to go into protect mode because of the bass trying to play through the tiny tweeters.
What I believe is happening; the stock Mach 460 amps are not powering on. only the tweeter amp which runs through the head unit. HOW DO I WIRE THE BLUE/WHITE WIRES UP? There is nothing to wire them up to. Does it have something to do with the high/low converter, or some remote-on wire or something. Please help!! Thanks! :)
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