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There are many different pad options for polishers. Here I will explain what each pad is used for to try and help people understand which ones to use for what type of job.


  • Yellow - These pads are the densist, strongest pads. They are made of very dense foam and have serious cutting power. They are primarly used for Compounds to correct sever swirls, scratchs, and oxidation
  • Orange - This pad is a step be low the Yellow. It still is very dense and has major cutting power. This is normally used with a very abrasive polish meant to follow a Compound. It will remove compounding haze and will still show buffer swirls.
  • White - Less dense than the Yellow & Orange. This pad has softer foam and very little cutting and correction power. This pad is normally used with a very fine finishing polish. It will, in some cases, be your last polishing pad.
  • Green - Normally used for one-step cleaner waxes. All around pad with very light cutting power and finishing properties.
  • Gray - Soft pad with no cutting power. Used for the application of Glazes. Still firm enough to withstand pressure to help fill in left over buffer swirls.
  • Blue - Very soft foam used for the application of Sealants and sometimes Ultra Fine Swirl removers in a technique called "Jeweling". No cutting power and provides flat contact.
  • Red - Softest pad in product. Used for the even application of waxes and acts as the last step. Very good at applying even coats of liquid waxes.

Matched Products

  • Yellow - Compounds, Heavy Abrasive Polishes
  • Orange - Medium Abrasive Polishes
  • White - Lightest Abrasive Polishes
  • Green - Cleaner Waxes, One step products
  • Blue - Sealants, Ultra Fine Polishes
  • Red - Waxes
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