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I have a 96' Cobra with the following mods:

  • Procharger P-1SC Stage 2 (3.9 pulley, 3 core intercooler)
  • Procharger Open Race BOV
  • VMP 5000 Blow Through Conversion
  • 42 lbs / Hour Injectors
  • Anderson Power Pipe

Back at the beginning of July it developed a hard cut out around 3k rpm at WOT. The engine never died and if you let off the throttle it went back to driving fine. My wideband never showed the engine leaning out during the cut, always in the low 11's. I ordered an SCT X4 so I could data log the problem, and I found that right at 3k to 3.4k rpm the MAF count spikes suddenly to 1023 right when the cut out occurs.

I turned my attention to the MAF sensor and discovered that the MAF connector harness from VMP had been rubbed through by the tire, the previous owner removed the fender liners and apparently didn't secure the wires away from the tires. I sent the log to VMP and they advised the MAF data was intermittent which indicated a short, and suggested repairing/replacing the harness to start. I have ordered a new harness, but the MAF sensor doesn't look the best either and I'm worried that replacing the harness alone won't address my problem.

I was hoping someone more knowledgeable at tuning could take a look at the data log and let me know what you think. I will also attach some pictures of the harness and sensor. Thanks in advance for any help!



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