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making a site in exchange for parts

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i got a pretty tight gig here, my buddies dad wants me to build his site for him New Page 1 this is the old site.
he owns this shop in houston called Houston Performance and has broken alot of records with the new edge mustangs he builds.
anyways we probably will be exchanging parts for service
am i gettin a good deal or what?

if anyone wants a site built talk to me and ill hook you up for cheap
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haha "new page 1" the dude that made it for him didn't even title the page hahahahahahha
Sounds sweet man. How much is he going to pay you in parts?
wow i was looking at there site...the dyno rates are so cheap....
I'm interested... and have complied many. PM me.
we havent worked that out yet hes making up some quotes on different part combo options for me to look at
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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