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im getting this kinda 'piece of **** car' sound coming from under the hood
sounds almost like a rattleling, its not loud but its there
so i tried to check it with what little i know n heres what i got

-its coming from the passenger side, by the t/b
-im taking in hot air, started at around 68 then slowly went up to 98! till i turned on the heater

i noticed the noise after i took off the o/r x pipe and did an oil change (same day)
also when i rev the engine it doesnt sound as loud as it should (not comparing to the x pipe) it sounds the same @ 2400rpm as it does at 4500rpm

but the check engine light hasnt turned on so idk

is ther anyway u gus would know whats wrong?? i figured youre the type of guys i could just type 'weird noise' n u know what the problem is
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