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im mecp certified also. i took the basic test a few years ago then moved to a custom shop that didnt care about certification so i didnt go for advanced (also started at best buy) if you already work there they will buy you the book and pay for your test you just have to ask them. and also you dont have to be certified right away they give you like 90 days. but honestly the test is super easy 100 question multiple choice but its not anything you would know off the top of your head. its just like any test in highschool you have to study the book really well but as long as you do that its super easy. you wont ever use the information on the test to work at best buy its good to have the knowledge but the only thing you need to know well at bby is ohms law. either way just get the study guide and read it good. you will take a practice test at best buy before taking the real test and the practice test is the exact same as the real test. anyways my advice would be work at bby until you get on your feet and start looking to move to a custom shop asap because best buy doesnt pay well at all. i have 5 years experience and can do anything mobile electronics/custom work and they tried to hire me back and offered me 10/hr. plus it might sound weird at first but once you get fast commission is alot better (which is how most car audio shops pay) i was making 250 a week at best buy and 1000 a week at the custom shop (and we werent very busy)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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