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Mesh Wheels... Opinions and Options?

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Ok, how do you guys feel about Mesh-style wheels on 'stangs? I'm talking wheels like Super D's HRE's or BigPappi's wheels. I think when done right they look hot, but whats the general consensus? Anyone have pics of these type of wheels on a stang?
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They arent bad. As long as its the right color and size why not?
BigPappi's are sick as hell
Yea I think those wheels look great with his set-up. I just think that the Bullitts and FR500's and Shelby's are all old news. Not that they look bad at all, just that they're played out. Anyone have pics of S197's with these types of wheels?
If you like how they look that is all that really matters. I love mine, and i think that they are very unique and you don't see too many on our cars. I see mustangs daily with bullitts etc. Not that it doesn't look good, i just like being different.

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Mesh FTW!
you have one beautiful car sir
unrelated to mesh wheels
but i was looking into deep dish cobra r's.
****'s tight
Looking GOOOD folks! Bigpappy, you have specs in your sig, and the MMR's look great. As for 2006greyGT and FasterThanThem, any specs? wheel and tire sizes? both cars look soo nice!
Fasterthanthem, are those Fikse wheels? Love your car, love the wheels, love the stance. Great jon brother.
this thread makes me want to huck my rims through the window at Discount Tire

anyone else have wheel-buyer's remorse? lol
Fikse wheels are great but $$$. Paying for quality for sure though.
here is a side view of my 20" KMC wheels:

and here is what they look like if youre looking at the car from the front:

Theyre going to either get replaced with a set of MRR GT1 wheels like bigpappy or some DPE mesh style wheels
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man i love that KR looking front fascia.
thanks but I love the wheels/brakes and head unit in your car :drool:
go for it love mine ! and I get lots of compliments on them
I like 'em a lot better than 5-spokes. I have these BBSs on the Cobra:
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my next wheel set up :drool

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