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Mesh Wheels... Opinions and Options?

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Ok, how do you guys feel about Mesh-style wheels on 'stangs? I'm talking wheels like Super D's HRE's or BigPappi's wheels. I think when done right they look hot, but whats the general consensus? Anyone have pics of these type of wheels on a stang?
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thanks but I love the wheels/brakes and head unit in your car :drool:

I like 'em a lot better than 5-spokes. I have these BBSs on the Cobra:
Got any pics on the car? BBS = boner
Bigpappy has it right, BBS= erection for sure. Her Name is Ponie, those KMC's look a lot better than I thought, but I suppose I am biased cause they look like the KMC Backseats that they sell for fullsize trucks. I like those DPE's you posted, especially with the rivets. ReverendDexter, Pics of the Cobra???

Keep the Pics comin'! :yes
Got any pics on the car? BBS = boner
Hahaha, I do, but you probably don't want to see 'em. It's on an SN95 that's dirty as hell and still at stock ride height. Oh, and I don't have center caps.

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I'm definitely not a big wheel/tire guy - I'd have 15" Draglites on my car if they'd fit. But the "mesh" rims in this thread look pretty good!
My wheels are 19x8.5 and 19x10 BBS LM-Reps.
here's one, 2010 Steeda Q550 *MESH with it!

Edit: +1 HRE
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I love mesh wheels and I have been considering selling the saleens. The one thing about 20'' mesh wheels(in my opinion) is I think to really set them off, you need big brakes. With mesh wheels you see a lot of rotor and caliper. We all know how stock rotors get a lot of surface rust around the edges. I may be picky but those little details stick out to me.
Dexter, car looks good regardless of dirt, or missing center caps. could use a drop though. FasterThanThem, LM-reps? Still produced by BBS?

JAY'SRED02, I can see what you mean, not only about the rusty stockers but the need for more filling in that space.
Dexter, car looks good regardless of dirt, or missing center caps. could use a drop though.
Thanks, and it sounds like I should be getting some H&Rs here in the next week or so, so that drop should get taken care of :D
Here are a couple more to bring the thread back to life!

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:humpnana those rims and that stance are ****ing sick
Here are a couple more to bring the thread back to life!

SEX-Y. Ok so whenever I get around to buying a mustang, I'll be needing mesh wheels for sure...

That '10 looks good too, but reminds me of the wheels they used on the USAF mustang, which was cool, but waaaayyyy over done.

Any other pics guys???
You dont really see too many new edge's with mesh wheels. Im looking for a set of staggered deep dish meshies for my 99 GT. Possibly even a colormatched lip or vinyl stripe. Its time to retire the saleens.
As long as this thread is being resurected...

Latemodel Restoration has a sale all February......
10% off all rim/tire packages!!!

Here's a couple mesh rims to keep it rollin'
Here's my personal favorites: The RTR 19" setup... Available at Latemodel Resto.

perfect fender fittment!

These are some rims I found on ebay "RPM 505". Very affordable, but semi-unknown.

And some blocky-looking TSWs...
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I like those TSW's, a lot.
Whew, those wheels are super sweet!!

Id like to get these with my red on it of course...

This is what my car looks like now.

These rims are crazy expensive though....knockoffs anyone?
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The RTRs look amazing on the 2010+ S197s.
Now I also have buyers remorse, love my Cobra R's but now I need some mesh.
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