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According to Coach outlet reports, Yahoo said that Yahoo Japan and Google search will not affect Yahoo's cooperation in the global co-operation with Microsoft's search business, Yahoo Japan, but Microsoft has pointed out that the cooperation with Google is not conducive to market competition.

Microsoft Deputy General Counsel Daifuhaina (Dave Heiner), said Google and Yahoo Japan's cooperation will undermine Japan's paid search and paid search market competition. His blog said: "If Google Bei Yun Xu continue to do this, it is almost completely Kong Zhi Qiang Google search and search Guanggu Japanese market. Zheyang's controlled through, rather than through Neibu growth by" he said.

He and Cheap coach bags also said: "Google, a company will determine Japan's consumers will find anything on the network, or can not find anything. According to the search history, user access to the site, as well as enterprises and government agencies to search the case, Google will also receive large amounts of data. "

Yahoo Japan(Coach handbags) is Japan's biggest Internet search site. The company said it would abandon development by the Yahoo search engine and instead use the Google search engine, will also be using Google's online advertising platform. Among them, the opening of the Google search engine will be complete before the end.
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