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Spread the word. The weekly meet location has changed.

MAD Crew Forum • View topic - Mid-Atlantic Domestics Weekly Meet - Annapolis, MD

RDY4WAR said:
Due to some recent unfortunate events and unwanted attention in the Glen Burnie area, starting on Saturday, March 26, 2011, the Mid-Atlantic Domestics weekly meet will be moved from Glen Burnie, MD to Annapolis, MD.

Weekly Meet
Westfield Annapolis Mall
2002 Annapolis Mall
Annapolis, MD 21401

Every Saturday
6pm - 9pm

The meet will be on the top floor of the parking garage on the Northeast corner of the mall, near the entrance to Bestgate Rd. If there is bad weather, we will still have the meet but on the 2nd floor of the parking garage out of the weather.

The Mid-Atlantic Domestics weekly meet is a meet meant for everyone in the club to get together and relax. The location of the meet is decided with many variables in mind to include availability of food/drinks, parking, environment (scenery), police attention, ease of access, distance for members to drive, and lighting. The time of the meet is decided based on other events in the area and availability of club members to make the meet. The meet is meant to be a relaxing time without interference which is why there is a short list of rules that we ask all members to follow. These rules are common sense and easy to follow.

Weekly Meet Rules

1) No Alcohol - The last thing we want to have happen is the police to roll through and see open containers. If you have alcohol in your vehicle, let's say because you are going to a party afterwards, that is ok, it just cannot be open and in plain view. We ask that it be put away in a bag or chest/cooler either in the trunk or hidden in the back floorboard or somewhere out of sight and out of mind. If someone appears to be drunk at the weekly meet, even a suspicion such as the smell of alcohol on someone's breath or a stagger, they will be asked to hand over their keys. We care about one another here in this group and want to make sure that eveyone is safe both coming to and departing from out weekly meet, as well as during the meet. A member of our group can give you a ride home or wherever you need to go if this is the case. This is a zero tolerance rule.

2) No Burnouts - There's not much that grabs a cop's or mall security's attention more than the sound of tire fire followed by white smoke. We want to keep police attention down at our meets so no burnouts or horseplay is authorized. You will be asked to leave if caught doing so. This is a zero tolerance rule as well.

3) No Drama - If you can't come around our meet without stirring something up with another member, then don't come around at all. No drama will be tolerated. The weekly meet is meant to be a place to relax and we won't have it disrupted by some high school BS! Man up, let your balls drop, and keep it to yourself if you can't say something nice. If you have to ask yourself whether something would be appropriate to say or not, it's probably best you don't say it.

Follow these simple rules and I think you will find your time at our weekly meet an enjoyable one. The Mid-Atlantic Domestics is devoted to providing an enjoyable environment for car chat and sharing our love for our cars. The same rules that are outlined in our forum rules applies at our meets (well, within reason, IE: You can't enforce a rule about inappropriate gifs at the weekly meet. lol). Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at the weekly meet.
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