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Geting some guys together for a track rental. All the info is in the link below.


Talked to Jason yesterday and confirmed the date for our track rental; $100 per car, if we get more than 25 cars we cn have both get the word out on othe forums!

MIR is having the 275 DR class have races on Sat so they may want to use the track as well, based on the past Jaosn said maybe 10-15 cars would be using the track on Friday and they tend to want the track prepped with VHT to the 1/8 mile mark vice the 60ft mark....the further the track has the VHT on it the more it costs so this would benfit us if the 275 guys want to us the track.

Scales and race gas will be open and available in the morning and afternoon.

We will have the track from 9-5.

I will contact the hotels that are on MIR's web site that give discounts to MIR events to see what kind of rates they will give us.

I will start the sign up list, let me know if you need a hotel so I can let the hotels know approx how many rooms we need...also let me know if you want a hotel for Thur or Fri night or both...I think most of the HR crew plan on leaving early Fri morning, spend the day at the track and spend the night, leaving Sat morning.
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