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MM CLASSIFIEDS RULES!! Read These Rules Before Continuing.

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* Minimum post count of 50
* Member minimum of 30 days
* No posting of the same item in different sections.
* No third party sales
* Must put FS, FT, WTB, etc. in thread title
* Must put asking price in thread
* Picture highly recommended but not required
* No post whoring or unwarranted comments in seller's thread
* No links to outside marketing websites IE: Craigslist or Ebay

Failure to comply with the above requirements will lead to your thread being deleted.

All members should bear in mind that this is, first and foremost, an automotive forum that just so happens to have a classifieds section. It is not the other way around. However using these forums to buy and sell items can be no different than using craigslist, or kijiji, or Auto Trader to sell and buy goods. That means:

It is caveat emptor in here. Just like Auto Trader holds no responsibility for a transaction gone bad, Modded Mustangs holds no responsibility for fraudulent, incomplete, or incorrect purchases or sales.

It behooves both seller and purchaser to gather and verify as much information as possible from the other party before entering into a transaction.

In the event that a transaction goes bad, Modded Mustangs will not be responsible for rectification of said transaction, nor will we be able to assist you in ensuring said completion of transaction.

By entering and using this forum section you agree to the above stipulations. Not having read these stipulations does not remove you from being in agreement with them.

Bottom line people: Use the classifieds at your own risk.
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