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Been racing in the Mustangs On Mustangs Racing program since 2009 and this year they have dropped the Mustangs only portion and have opened it to all Makes and Models.

Runs at Empire Dragway in New York State.

All competitors have to pass track tech.

This is a Heads Up Pro Tree Program.

4 classes

The Class I will be running in is the "Modern Muscle" 1/4 mile

My first year with the supercharger at the Track.

This program was started by People who wanted to get cars off the street racing and to the track.
People like to brag and talk up a storm about their cars and racing but don't share the Programs out there. With the popularity of "Street Racing" I strongly recommend against doing it and am sharing the better option of taking it to a track. $30 to race.

Just show up and pay the $15 track entry fee and then find the MOM's Table and pay the $15 and sign up and don't forget to say "HI" to Mom Mayer.

2018 Race Dates:
MAY 11th (no points night)<--Track was closed due to weather
JUNE 22th
JULY 13th

MOMS Racing
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