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carbon fiber.
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I can't wait to get this thing going. I got some sick ideas today. Can't wait to get a beater car so I can start disassembling Monster Zero. Installing my role cage, then a fresh paint job. Then custom carbon fiber and suede interior. I'm thinking some dinosaur print fabric for accenting and theme. Its gonna be so rad.

Once I get all the OEM crap out of it I can then begin making my custom dash, door panels and consoles. This isn't going to be a all out show car. Just a classy fast car... I want the gutted appeal with just enough interior to accommodate for a sporty comfort. A master full blend of form and function. Ford will be taking notes off this one. I will market kits provided its not to difficult of a process. The way I think it up, It should work out. But, what looks good on paper isn't always that good.

I know that talk is cheep, however, I'm really broke. So, that's all I can do is talk about how rad I want to make my 2001 Mustang. HOLY **** is it gonna be sick.. I want it to be so sick it gets on the cover of even import mags. Yeah, that big.. no joke.. cocky... yes.. Impossible... not as I see it. This is gonna be one Ford for the books, and no Chauncey junk either. Form and function... This will be a term that everyone who sees Monster Zero will know about when I am done..

Well, I guess that is enough of my BS for one day. Do me a favor tho... If you read this and liked it, do a burn out.. If you read it and thought it was lame... Do a break stand... If you just didn't care...... stay home.... :p
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