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I had a buddy call me up saying he had an extra ticket to this thing, so I said what the hell i'll go. I don't know much about bikes or follow the racing, but it is pretty neat to be around.

Anyone else on here going to be there this weekend? Here's a couple pics from yesterday.

The entrance way:

20160408_124937 by Brett, on Flickr

I guess Jesse James built this car for the track:

20160408_155019 by Brett, on Flickr

The tent our tickets get us into as turn 15. Not a bad view, plus they have a bar in it, not just beer.

20160408_153220 by Brett, on Flickr

Some bikes I saw while walking along the pit lane:

20160408_175634 by Brett, on Flickr

20160408_180021 by Brett, on Flickr

20160408_175639 by Brett, on Flickr

My buddies, said these bike were special, lol.

20160408_142918 by Brett, on Flickr

Some guys claimed this thing is super rare, but there is another one 3 bikes over, lol.

20160408_163646 by Brett, on Flickr

So I'm gonna spend the weekend walking around the track drinking. Not a terrible way to spend the weekend I guess.
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