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ok I know this topic has been covered a lot but I really just need to know all the parts i will need so i can start buying some to do a 302 carbed swap... here is my situation first of all so you know why i am thinking going to a carbed 302.... i currently have a 95 v6 stang with a rod knock and would like to make it a driveable car (not too concerned on power at this moment) BUT would rather just go to a stock 302 with a carb so i dont have to deal with efi and plan on building the 302 up down the road possibly turbocharged (i want to stay carbed for the turbo setup as well) instead of just going with another v6 that i will dispose of down the road and have to get a 302 anyways.... i understand a stock 302 with a carb prolly will have equal or less horse than the efi v6 but i dont care... anyways here is all the stuff I THINK I will need and would appreciate any input to the list of parts...

-302 engine w/carb
-using AODE transmission already from the v6 (does it bolt right up)
-gt k member
-do i need a new driveshaft or will the v6 one work?
-gt 8.8 rear end (or will the stock v6 rear hold up to a stock 302)
-msd ignition system all wired to a switch
-new fuel pump

thats all i can think of off the top of my head so any advice would be really helpful.. thanks guys :)
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