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This is our latest standalone engine management:

MS3-Pro with 8' wiring harness

The MS3-Pro is able to run up to 12 sequential fuel channels and 8 spark channels. This is based on the MS3, but we've made several changes to make this the toughest ECU we can make it. Some are pretty obvious, like the AMPSEAL connectors and O-ringed plastic case. There's several internal improvements as well, other than putting all the optional extras in one compact package. We've got a more detailed list of its features at the link, but here's some of the highlights:

- Traction control and slew control
- Closed loop boost control for 2 separate solenoids
- Nitrous control
- Rally style antilag
- Multiple table blending strategies
- Supports 2 separate knock sensors with per cylinder knock detection
- 8 gigabyte onboard data logging
- And a lot more!
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