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A friend of mine gave me a MSD Digital-6 Plus and I plan to install it in the next couple of weeks. My 64 1/2's 289 has a tired old distributor in it (that, at the very least needs to be recurved) with a Pertronix Ignitor II in place of the points. I suggested buying a new MSD Billet distributor, but he told me they weren't reliable (not his exact words).
I've also looked at the Crane Street/Strip Distributor, but it's fairly pricey. Is there a good street distributor out there that is cost effective and already set up for good street performance, that I may have overlooked?
I'm still running a flat-tappet hydraulic cam at the moment, but may be rebuilding my 289 with the intention of running a spider/roller cam setup in the future.
Thanks in Advance,
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