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Muffler offset and such.

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So, here's my situation. I bought a universal muffler the other day to put on my car so I could get it inspected, turns out universal with a 2.5 inlet doesn't fit the inlet of our 2.25. My fault, I wasn't thinking.

I get the inlet problem, but the guy at the shop was saying something about offset. What exactly is the offset on our cars? Where can I find an incredibly cheap muffler that will fit, and that you are SURE will fit. I can't take any chances. I am 2 months out of inspection and need to get this done.

Also, another little problem. In Texas, not sure if its just here or not, cars MUST have a tailpipe coming out the back of the car. I thought you could run turn downs, as trucks are aloud to in Texas, but not cars. How much would bending pipes to make tailpipes cost at a local shop?

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weld in the 2.5
The guy said it wouldn't fit, and he said it was to long, when it was clearly shorted than the stock muffler.
offset (f) is the variation of the inlet(i) and outlet(o)... there is also center (c)

you can have different variations for example

i c, o f
i c, o c
i f, o f

so there are different ways ... your muffler shop can tell you the set up you need, if they can't go to a new shop
The guy hear in my small town isn't to sure what he's talking about I think...haha.
its basically the positioning of the inlet/outlet holes on the muffler like OMZ said.
whats your current set up look like?
wouldnt fit??? cut off some of your tail pipe then, guys a dumbass find someone new
Cherry Bomb Performance Exhaust

Yes or no...haha. The one on the top left.
cherry bombs sound like ass on a v6. my dad had a set on his mustang
Well I just need something...haha.
Whats that "off brand" of flowmaster?
im gettin the knock off flowmasters on my stang on monday... not sure wut they r called tho
what does your current set up look like??

is it just a straight pipe at the moment?
Its stock with no muffler.
I just unbolted the muffler.
then you need a straight muffler with center offset on both sides to replace it
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my car had a left inlet with a right outlet back when i only changed the muffler
then you need a straight muffler with center offset on both sides to replace it
Care to show me an example?
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