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so its been about two weeks since I finished doing my tko-600 swap, and I decided to have a little fun while a few of us were on our way to a little car meet. I decided to race my friends cobra, which i had literally no chance against. I just wanted to see how much he would dawg me by. so we did three honks and then we were off. i started of into second and i pulled right away, and then soon as I was hitting third it didnt matter because he was passing me and was at about 5 lengths and growing. then i heard a huge noise, and freaked out. I thought I was about to crash because the whole rear end was shaking like crazy.

long story short, the car wasnt leaking anything so i slowly drove to my destination which was a couple blocks up and then called AAA which never showed up. I ended up driving it home, which took forever becuse the rear began to shake at anything over 25 mph.

i havent had time to look at it because i am back at school, and the car is at home, but i will hopefully this weekend.

We are thinking that the U joint that I put on is messed up, and if not it may be the rear end, but it is deffinately something in the driveline.

Im just praying nothing happened to my transmission i just put in.
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