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Mustang Down!!! Going into severe depression!! :-(

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As some of you know my alternator went down about a week ago. I ordered one from PA Performance and swapped the clutch pulley from the factory one. But there's a problem I can't install it cause PA says in the warranty paperwork that the alternator has to have a #4 wire to keep the lifetime warranty. Unfortunately I ordered the wire from American Muscle and they screwed up on the delivery setup and I'm getting the wire on December 1st. So I've been driving my wife's Honda Civic in the meantime :(. It kills me that I have to wait until tuesday to install the freaking alternator and wire and drive my wife's Civic. This is killing me!!! soon I will need some Prozac or Zoloft. :banghead:banghead:banghead
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Are tech jobs getting hard to find up in Chicago? I know there are a lot of dealerships closing down around Atlanta. I am glad to be where I am, but it is Chrysler and there is word of phase 2 of closing down dealerships. We're not a big one either so it has me a bit worried...
Jobs are pretty scarce around here, but the reason for the bad neighborhood is that I got a job doing vehicle/equipment maintenance for the phone company. Pays right about twice what I currently make, and half the driving distance. It's not a real bad neighborhood, like I'm not afraid to walk around down there at night, but it's near downtown and I won't park my car in that area.
just think of how much faster your car will feel after a few days of driving a slow import!
I hit it again after that pic and it got even better, but not as much of a difference. I think thats about as good as it will get with just polish.
If you guys really want it to shine wet sand it with 600 grit and work up to 2500 or 3000 grit before polishing.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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