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XFO M1 F Mustang Dynamat Xtreme Custom Cut Floor Kit 1965-1973 | CJ Pony Parts

CJ Pony Parts installs a Dynamat Xtreme Custom Cut Floor Kit for 1965-1973 Mustangs

When it comes to making your Mustang ride like a luxury car, Dynamat does the job. Dynamat is used by the world's top hot rod and custom builders because they know it makes their cars ride cool and quiet. Dynamat is known for making cars feel solid, allowing doors and trunks to slam snug, rain and wind noise to virtually disappear and your interior becoming a quiet, comfortable cruising environment. Use Dynamat on the interior sheet metal of your vehicle to stop vibration and reduce road noise.

Dynamat Xtreme is the highest efficiency sound deadening material available and the most effective product for stopping noise and vibration. Xtreme should be used on any and all interior sheet metal or fiberglass of your vehicle. The aluminum constraining layer is very moldable and conforms easily to all interior surfaces. The extra sticky patented butyl layer is formulated with VECTOR™ chemistry for the most amazing energy conversion capabilities ever. Use it on doors, floors, roofs, hoods and trunks for a really quiet, cool and incredibly solid ride.

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