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mustang lower control arm bushing bolt, best way to get out by far

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so basically me and my friend were hammering at this bolt for like 4 hours and with enough patience and hammering we finally got it out, we used wd40, heat and everything all the forums said to do and it took forever, the bolt was like basically welded to the metal sleeve inside the bushing, then we got to the other bolt and it was getting late so were like I dont wanna do this and then my friend is like why dont we try a ball joint press clamp, and I'm like yeah great idea, long story short it came out in 5 minutes with the impact, but basically just get it flush with that metal part outside of the bushing and then get a small extension and put it in there and then get a bigger one and it will literally fly out, I looked up so many ways to do this and I seen everyone struggling and I found out a much easier way to do this so I just had to make an account and tell everyone, i have a 2002 mustang with an 8.8 rear end, but should be the same with literally every rear end made if you have this problem
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