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X3/3000 Mustang SCT X3 Power Flash Programmer With Custom Tune 1996-2013 | CJ Pony Parts

Upgrade your 1996-2013 Mustang with this handheld tuner. The X3 tuner has been proven to make up to an additional 30 horsepower on a stock Mustang GT. These gains will be even higher on modified vehicles, V6 Mustangs and supercharged vehicles. The programmer will come with one custom tune from us and will accommodate for any modifications you have made to the car.

In order to tune your X3 device, we will need the computer code for your Mustang and the modifications done to the car. This video guides you to finding the computer code on any 1996-2013 Mustang and how to tune your Mustang with the custom tune from CJ Pony Parts.

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