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Mustang Tail Light Kit With Bodies 1967-1967 | CJ Pony Parts

After years on the road, the taillight area on many classic Mustangs can begin to corrode, which can cause problems for the rest of the trunk area or cause the taillights themselves to stop working. Plus, from the factory, these Mustangs are only equipped with a single bulb taillight, which aren't very bright.

On our 1967 Mustang, we're going to completely replace the taillights with this taillight kit, which includes Taillight Bodies, Lenses, Bezels, Housing Seals, Lens Gaskets, plus we're going to upgrade it with Scott Drake's Taillight 3-Bulb Conversion. This will clean up some corrosion and significantly brighten up the lights, making this 1967 Mustang much safer.

This conversion/upgrade also applies to 1968 Mustangs.

Check out Scott Drake's 3-Bulb Taillight Conversion Inserts:
C7ZZ-STL-13400 Mustang Scott Drake Taillight 3-Bulb Conversion Insert Pair 1967-1968 | CJ Pony Parts

Check out the 1968 Mustang Taillight Kit:
Mustang Tail Light Kit With Bodies 1968-1968 | CJ Pony Parts
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