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TMI Upholstery - Ford Mustang Parts

Installing a standard replacement headliner can be quite a chore, as it requires a good bit of dis-assembly, a time consuming installation, and then reassembly of a large portion Mustang's interior.

TMI has changed the game with their new one-piece headliners! Installation now only takes an afternoon, as the headliner is securely fastened with the existing trim pieces and windlace already in your Mustang. It also adds more than 1 inch of headroom, due to a better fit and the removal of the bows and brackets that held the previous headliner in.

This product is available in factory color matched vinyl, or in a uni-suede. The coupe version for 1965-1968 Mustangs will be coming soon to CJ's, while a fastback version will be available in mid-2013.

Keep checking to see when these great products will be available!

to our YouTube Channel to see more videos!!
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