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Mustang TMI Headrest Ratcheting Tilt Pair 2005-2009 | CJ Pony Parts

The factory headrests in 2005 and newer Mustangs are fixed in a forward leaning position that can be uncomfortable for some drivers. Fortunately, TMI has designed a solution to this ergonomic concern with their ratcheting, tilting headrests.

TMI's headrests have 4 different tilt positions that are 10 degrees apart with the most upright position at less tilt than the factory headrests. These headrests can also be raised or lowered to 5 different vertical positions.

While we demonstrate installation on a 2007 GT, this process is the same for 2010-2012 Mustangs. See 2010-2012 Ratcheting Tilt Headrests from TMI:
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