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Hello all,

I normally don't write reviews or give recommendations, but this product suited my needs perfectly.

I needed spacers for my new front skinny rims ( to clear the brakes ).
But i wanted to also do it correctly and safely, so I was advised to buy hubcentric spacers and longer studs.
Using spacers without longer studs reduces how many threads you are tightening your lug nuts. Not good.

The spacers are hub centric and made of billet aluminum. They are not universal with a bunch of different holes drilled out. They are made for our cars.
The studs are a hardened steel, and come in lengths to match your spacer size.
One big difference is, the studs have extended shoulders and are threaded to the very end. Most studs are non threaded for the last 1/4". More threads mean more grab.
Also, one very important thing which I didn't know is, the rear and front studs have a different base size, called a knurl.

So, instead of buying everything separately, this site sells everything you need in one kit. He also sells a stud removal tool and install tool.
Yes, you could try to bang out the studs. But one wrong hit, and you could mess up your rotor or damage to hub, I've been told.
The install tool makes very very easy work of installing studs, especially with an
air gun.

Communication was good on behalf of the seller. I kinda had an issue and stripped a stud, so he replaced it for free.

See attached pics.
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