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So Let me just clear some smoke first off Hello. I just got my second mustang and immediately went straight to work with mods. And im making this thread as an informational thread for every 3.8L essex split port mustang owner. Be proud of what you got. From day 1 i got nothing but **** for having my v6 and at some point it became a goal to make the most amount of reliable power as possible out of the guy. I will be posting everything in detail to come on my build. so with out further adieu.
Current Setup:
Cold air Intake
Long tube headers
True dual exhaust with no cats and flow master muffler at 2.5" with 3" tips
1" lowered on fully adjustable coil overs
LSD with 3.73 carbon fiber gearing
stage 2 cams
short throw shifter

Wheels:Bullit's staggered
front:17x9 rear:17x 10.5
tires: 245/40R17 275/45R17 Firehawk Indy 500s

Engine Build Up plans:
Polish and port heads with a stage 3 job
after market coil pack
performance ignition wires and hotter spark plugs
performance rocker arms and valve springs
Windstar Intake manifold swap
forged cylinder
machined cylinder walls with a a longer stroke
higher performance rated pistons and valves
T56 Transmission Swap 6 speed
Dyno Tune to see what fully built motor will make before Forced induction
Twin Turbo Setup:
Full aluminum radiator
Oil inter Cooler
7000cc injectors
performance fuel rail and pump with a new fuel filter
parallel twin turbos
Trans oil cooler
A70 Heat Extractor Hood
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