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I have a built and dyno tuned 331 stroker with PS1C intercooled Procharger on my 94 Cobra and added Anderson Power Pipe last night. I was little skeptical about the power gains it advertised but I still got it because original filter location sucked (it's smoking hot since it sat right above cylinder 2 and 4 headers). And knowing that power pipe will pull in much cooler air right behind my cowl, it could not hurt.

Only worries was if my car was going to run lean or not since the power pipe filter is almost 50% bigger in size compared to original filter procharger kit came with.

3 inch cowl hood I got is from ABC Exclusive (Cobra R 2000). I love it because the top louvers are vented with screens and it also has huge cowl in the back as well. It extracts ton of heat and sucks in just as well.

After the power pipe was installed, went out for a drive and it did make a noticeable difference through out entire power band. Tested out all phase of throttle position and my wideband registered 14.7 to 14.2 at idle and part throttle cruising and 11.8 to 12.1 at WOT and full boost. No pings or detonation any time. I believe I benefited well from cooler air plus having an intercooler for low IAT. I don't know if I would have the same results if I did not have the intercooler.

I was told by few that I would need to have car retuned but some also stated that it runs fine without the tune as well. Since I'm totally happy with how the car is running as it is, don't think I'm going to spend 500 to 600 dollars to get my car tuned again. I rather take that money and do little front end suspension mod.

Bottom line is power pipe is not a gimmick according to my experience and my setup. You may have different results but for 130 bucks, it's well worth to give it a shot no?


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