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This is my future build plans. I'm writing it here in case of a computer failure and I don't want to lose my info. This won't be happening for some time, but once I finish school (finishing my doctorate) this will be happening.

5.4L 4V (6.2L if it will fit)
-Cammed (don't know the type yet)
-FR500 heads or P&P Navi heads
-Intake from Birdman on M1R or a Sullivan intake if it will incorporate the turbo(s)

-Either a big single turbo (unknown size) or a Hellion 76mm twin turbo setup

-Built T-56 by Promotion

-Full UPR tubular front suspension that is supplied in the Hellion kit

-31 spline
-3.(27/55/73) gears. I haven't done enough research to make a final decision yet.

-17 or 18s, 9 up front and 10.5 in the back on Black Bullitts

-Meth Injection
-Small shot of nitrous to stage the turbo(s)
-Intercooler type
-Paint job (either touch up the COrange or go with a dark (almost black) metallic blue (stripes will stay
-Fuel injector size
-Fuel pump(s)
-Bracket to make the shaker fit on the 5.4

Feel free to make any guesstimates on how much power this will put down, how much this monster is going to cost, and just any comments in general.
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