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Hey you might remember from my last thread a couple days back...

Well i sold my integra and im picking this 5.0 after Wed.
1985 Ford Mustang
(thanks to a user who helped me search for one)

Now, i don't know anything about Fords or american cars in general. Pretty decent with hondas tho.
Here are the car's details

My plans for this stang is not to get crazy with it, i want to gain atleast like 70Hp and make it my Daily Driver. I dont really race, ill street race once n awhile on a safe straight away.

Most of my friends own a honda and have minor bolts on like headers, cai, catback...will a stock 5.0 beat them?

Also what is a "8.8 Rear-end with 3.27 gears", whats that mean?

302 EFI motor with 5-speed transmission
New rack and pinion
Camber-caster plates
Sub-frame connectors
Large front sway bar (1 1/4")
Strut tower connector
New clutch pressure plate
New throw-out bearing
Adjustable firewall clutch cable
New CJ Pony clutch pedal quadrant
8.8 Rear-end with 3.27 gears
H-pipe (no catalytic converter)
Fold-down rear seats
Tinted sunroof

Also i heard from a friend Borg-Warner T-5 transmissions from the 80's are all shitty and weak, which im not sure if that comes in my 5.0
but is this true?

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Congrats on the new stang. There's lots of ways to gain 70hp cheap, you'll find out if you look around. 8.8 rear end with 3.27 gears, you can also find that with the search button. I don't mean to sound like a search nazi, but you learn a lot more when you find the answers yourself. Good luck! :eek:

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Nice find man!! That was alot better then the red one LOL.

And it should beat most of those ricer pos.

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