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I figured it'd be fun to show off my new daily I got in august. I needed a good reliable car to take to school and back (30mi one way) and something that was fuel efficient. I started my search last spring for something smaller, hatchback, and quick(around 200hp) that would be a fun daily and wouldn't make me miss the mustang as much in the winter. So naturally I wanted a focus ST, however I couldn't quite swing the payments for one. But my first choice was a Fiesta ST, they're just so small and light and with 200hp it'd be the funnest daily ever!

However even the fiesta ST's were kinda pricey for me so I kept looking for something I would like. Finally I came to my senses and thought well let's look at the hot hatch that started it all. So my attention finally fell to the Mk6 GTI that I found on CL. Went to look at it that week and picked it up and drove her home!

It took some getting used to but I really enjoy the car, considering I never really looked at VW's before. I wanted to try something new!

The car is a 2010 GTI with the DSG. I figured the DSG would be nicer to drive as a daily and I was right. It's sooo nice just to put it in D and go compared to the mustang.

I got her for 13k with 56k miles on the clock. And it was super clean, owned by a Chinese kid that came here for school.

I gotta say for being a little hatch it defiantly has some get up and go for 200hp, and I was super happy with it. And the DSG shifts are unbelievable.

I love the interior too, its really such a nice place to be in.

And yes. I love the plaid.

Right off the bat I did a bunch of maintenance on the car. I did the DSG service, plugs, filter and little things like that. Drove it for a month but I always noticed a weird coolant smell from it that drove me nuts. Finally a month into owning it the radiator split from the bottom and blew up in my driveway(which I was super lucky about)

So I figured no real big deal I'll just order a new one and swap it in. Well I orderd one from Ebay, and it didn't have a sensor I needed on it(thanks VW). So I ordered one from a OEM parts website and it came super bent to the point it was useless. So another attempt after bitching I finally got one that worked, only 3 weeks later... Apparently someone mixed the G12 coolant with some green stuff and it got super acidic and bad things happened and made the radiators seals crack. Sick.

I found the car wasn't as maintained as I'd hoped but overall it wasn't too bad since I had the knowledge to fix it.

After that I drove it for a month and got it tuned which is amazing.

It went from 200hp and 208tq, to 270hp and 300tq with JUST A STAGE 1 TUNE!!
Its a monster now and I love it :grin2:

I'll put up a vid of the difference from stock, as this is a stock pull I did in it.

You can kinda hear the turbo BOV in this. Its just how loud it gets with a tune

I did put some snows on it, which were useless for a good while since we didn't have snow since yesterday.

But now we finally got snow. and I gotta say this thing is a TANK in the snow. But stupid stability control won't let me slide ripping the ebrake :(

I also put some HIDs in it too.

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If I was ever concerned with fuel mileage, that would likely be the car I get.

Surprisingly quick, 30+mpg, comfy, and decent in the corners.

Only real reason I didn't go there was I wanted to build a monster, and that and FWD don't go great together.
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