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So I set out on what I thought would be a 15-20 hour project to do a paint restoration on my baby so that when it was time and spring came around I could pull her outta the pole barn dust her off a bit and blind people as I drove down the road because her paint would be so bright. Well I have finally gotten to the end of that project. . .

It was supposed to go as simple as this:
Wash with UWW+
Carpro Fixer on a Cyan pad
v38 on a Tangerine or Green pad
Wax the car (or apply a sealant, I hadn't decided at the time)

So I got out to the car and found out there were some slightly bigger than pin sized holes in the roof scattered around where I had parked the car.

This is what I started with:

After a wash with UWW+ it looked like this:

Then I clay'd it:

Fixer was next:

I started on the roof with Fixer which I hadn't used very much before and I was having a very hard time reomving it from the car. It looks like it just doesn't like the cold weather and this entire thing was done from 28-50 degrees outside and a tad warmer without the wind inside (unless I heated up the panels with a hair dryer which I did for a short time then got sick of it). I was getting good results from Fixer but it was extremely finicky to work with in the cold and I wasn't getting everything I thought I could get and expected to get during this process so I went and got the m105. m105 doesn't mind the cold as much. Here is a 50/50 after using Fixer:

I had actually ended up doing the entire hood/roof with Fixer first before I decided to switch to m105. Soooo I went back and did the hood/roof with m105:

That's the roof after m105 with a lot of dust from m105 on it. The nice thing about Fixer is there is almost no dust, if any. m105 is obviously a different story.

Got the entire car done with m105:

Did an Eraser wipedown (picture is after entire project is done):

After using m105 and a couple people point out the v38 might not have enough cut to finish from m105 I went to m205 which finished very well:

This was about the time things start to go wrong. I start blowing breakers left and right, the electrical outlet wouldn't stop tripping, I dropped 2 MF's on the ground, I dropped my GG DA on the ground with a clean green pad on it. I forgot to mention earlier but I also blew through a brand new cyan pad after 1 panel b/c I derped with the pad brush like an idiot:

Come to find out this stupid outlet was shot. I couldn't even plug 1 hair dryer into any outlet running to it without it tripping and having to hit the reset button only for it to trip again when I turned the hair dryer back on. . .

So it's now been replaced with one without the idiotic built in breaker, I understand the concept but for that out where it is there is absolutely no need for that:

Finally got back on track after all that crap.

After the m205 was done I ended up going inside for the night and washing some dirty MF's from the day:

Came back out the next day and decided that I wasn't going to put any sealant on it since I am not driving it during the winter so it was straight to the wax.

I actually washed with UWW+ again since it had been out there for a night and half the day without any on it since I had m205'd it and left.

Did an Eraser wipedown after the UWW+ wash.

Start waxing dat ;) with Ammo Creme Reflective Paste:

Final Result:

Ignore the condensation in the headlight I'm fixing that next week or so:

She's all done and she looks so awesome. I am so happy with how this turned out. From now on I will be doing Fixer -> v38 for a 2 step process but to get the inital crap out of the clear coat I needed just a little bit more. Also sorry the pictures are all inside. There is snow on the ground outside and it was night time. Next time it's sunny and there isn't snow there will be pictures of it outside.

Quick Product Reviews:

Carpro Fixer:
The cut on a Cyan hydrotech pad was good and the finish was great. Hard to work with in the cold on cold paint but little to no dusting and what seemed like a pretty long work time. Would work as a great 1 step since it has pretty darn good amount of cut with a great finish. More cut than Megs UC but less than 105 (obviously). Also the smallets amount goes such a long ways. This blew me away how little you needed to get the job done. Wish it reacted better with the cold =(

Tried and true and still used by most for a very good reason. m105 cuts so well and does it surpisingly fast while m205 finishes very very well. Both were easy to work with in the cold. Never had any issues with either. Obviously m105 dusts like it's a Wisconsin snow storm but other than that they were both great.

Carpro Eraser:
Smells like powerade (awesome).Stuff seems to work great. Not hard to work with. It turned my MF's blue but a single wash and the blue was completely gone. Relatively expensive but does it's job and seems to do it well. My paint felt sooooo bare after doing a wipedown with Eraser.

CG Speed Wipe:
I absolutely love this stuff. Smells amazing (like bubblegum) lubricity is great. Easy on, easy off. Little bit goes a long ways. I am in love with this stuff and will continue to use it as a clay lube and a QD for dust removal. No built in protection with Speed Wipe like most QD's have so that's a downfall but I can always use V7 for that.

Awesome stuff. Does what it promises and does it well. Easy to use, dilution is ridiculous. I can't remember off the top of my head but like 1/2 oz per 22 oz of water or something like that. I am sick of rinseless washing with how much I have done it now but whenever I need to do a rinseless wash I will use UWW+. UWW+ >>> CG ECOwash

CG's Glassworkz:
Also very happy with this product. Smells great like most every CG product and a little goes a long ways. I did all of my windows and it doesn't look like I have even touched the bottle yet and I didn't even dilute it. You can dilute it if you'd like but I just used it straight out of the bottle. I didn't have any streaking at all after following the directions and it was very easy/straight forward to use. I will buy this again when I need more. I literally didn't pay more than 5 dollars for this and it's the best glass cleaner I've used yet.

Ammo Creme Reflective Paste:
I posted the link to my review. Spoiler alert or TL;DR. Would buy it again. Sheets well, beads extremely well, smells good, looks absolutely insanely good, easy on, easy off and the owner seems like a good guy and he does go out of his way to help out the customer.

Update pictures in the sun (no editing):


Happy Man
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nice work. looks great
Thanks! Definitely a lot of time and work put into it, especially with all the stupid issues I kept running into but it's done and I couldn't be happier about how it's looking.

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Congrats man! Looks great! Interesting review on the AMMO! Look forward to see its durability.


Happy Man
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Congrats man! Looks great! Interesting review on the AMMO! Look forward to see its durability.

Thanks man.

I won't have a good test of durability for a while since she doesn't come out in the winter. Larry (the owner) said don't expect a lot of durability (a month - two months) because that's not what he designed it for. Which to be completely honest if fine with me, especially with how much I used and the ease of application. Paired with a sealant under it you would obviously get a lot better protection but I just wanted to see it in it's most natural form.
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