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North Carolina Modded Mustangs

NCMM Website


We have a website!!! it's very rough right now and this will still be our real home but we needed something to keep the sponsors happy. Check it out!!

Welcome to our newest member 68pony




Sticker's are awaiting payment, I have the template set up at a shop and can order stickers one by one so I will be doing that instead of the batch job.

For stickers paypal $10 to [email protected]

Sticker price is $8, $2 right now will be going to the next deployed MM'ers drive (depending on how much we have saved up)

I found a place that does T-shirts, hoodies, polo's, etc. for a good price and I think should we decide to get some made we should do the same thing and round up to start a good pot of money for events.

Event Calender

First official NCMM meet coming soon. Place and time TBD

Sponsor List
PM Norcalam2 for details​



Be respectful.
No street racing on the day of a meet.
No unauthorized "showing off" on the way to or from a meet (burnouts, drifting, ricer fly-by's,etc.)
No drugs or unauthorized consumption of alcohol (it's ok if meeting at a sports bar.)
No profanity in the presence of women and children.
No actions that will put the club in a bad position or give it a bad name.

Club Roster​

Founder: Willis6er

Co-Founder: White03v6

Admin: White03v6

Treasurer: Norcalam2

Coordinator: Norcalam2

Webmaster: Norcalam2

Western Coordinator: (someone in the west)

Eastern Coordinator: Beefmobile


BA Mustang
Triple A
Kenneth Jr



Unconfirmed originals will stay "Originals" until our first meet. At our first meet those that are "members" will move up to take the unconfirmed spots.
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Hey guys, I've been messing around here for a while but just realized there was an NCMM, so can I join? I already PM'ed norcalam2 about it, but I figured I'd go ahead and introduce myself, and ask a question.

I have a 2003 Roush Stage 1, the PO beat the car to pieces and didn't realize what she had, I need a bunch of bodywork done to it but I have a family friend doing all that, I also need the rims rechromed, can anyone recommend me someone in the Charlotte area that can redo 17x8 rims? Thanks for any help guys

and to be on topic with the unmarked cars, anyone driving through Monroe/Union County be careful, they just got an unmarked s197 and he's constantly pulling over mustangs, camaros, challengers, etc
I went by a Johnston County sherriff deputy car today that had a bmw pulled over. He was being backed up by a bright red unmarked Camaro with tinted windows. When the hell did they start using those?

Tater, hell yeah. Your in. We haven't heard from Norcalam2 since our first meet up along time ago. He took everyones money they paid for stickers and disappeared. I wouldn't expect a reply from him.

As for the rims, I haven't found anyone in the state that rechromes wheels. Something about the state regs being to costly to follow for wheels.
Oh ok, I found a place that would do rims right down the road from my girlfriends, but they said they didn't have the right equipment to clean the old chrome off without damaging the rims and they gave me a couple numbers but everyone they gave me has went out of business

and when is the next meet and where will it be?

also if anyone wants to meet up the first friday in August, South 21 Matthews is having a cruise in, and then Oakboro has a cruise in/burnout contest on the 4th friday of every month 21 cruise-in.pdf
on the note of unmarked cops cars. if your ever in the Greensboro area watch out for a silver minivan. not sure if i mentioned it here before but i saw someone pulled over by it one day coming home from work. saw all the blue lights and everything.

not sure about the re-chroming. hope you can find someone. and the car looks good.

ALSO, im still trying to sell my Car...I went to Mustang week and i fell in love with a car...i gotta sell mine and try to get approved for a loan or get some money from my knee... the car i want is gonna be a 2004 Sonic Blue Convertible Cobra...that plus my wheels, headlights, tail lights, sequential tail lights, t56 magnum, and then borla exhaust...ugh!!!! I WANT IT! lol

How much for your car and what all has been done?

It has 3.73's, spec stage 3 clutch, steeda tri-ax shifter, rebuilt tr-3650, SLP loudmouth 1 catback, slp x-pipe with high flow cats, jlt ram-air intake,new gms coil on plugs, new motorcraft plugs,steeda underdrive pulleys, Dragon Performance 75 mm TB, Stack Racing upper plenum and 1/2" spacer, New Moser 28 Spline axles, Ford Racing carbon fiber rear diff clutches, 2000 Cobra R hood(3" Cowl), 2003-2004 cobra front bumper, Halo headlights with 8k HID's, LED tail lights, Blue LED gauge lights, Stock Bullets painted Black with machined lip, 275/40/17's nitto NT05R's on the back. needs new tires up front but they are 235/45/17 michilains. I think thats it but im not sure. lol
if your really wanting to get rid of it, post it on auto trader it will be gone in a couple weeks at that price I've seen stock gts go for that with 120K on the clock
I don't know my work schedule for the upcoming weekends, and I just found out that everyone I work with quit this weekend so its just me and the bossman, and that means crazy hours but if yall give me a 2 week notice I should be able to get off and make it to the meet

Also, if you know any welders/fabricators in the Charlotte area looking for work, PM me
well whenever the meet is I probably won't be there :( wrecked my baby coming from the bank Friday

It was raining, and the car in front of me hydroplaned and locked up the brakes, I hit mine and the next thing I know I'm dragging my bumper down the road and to make things worse, the insurance company can't find my policy :mad: I called the Insurance Commissioner about it but haven't heard anything since Monday. I'm going to call them back tomorrow though and find out where the 498 dollars I've paid in insurance is at and why my car wasn't covered but I still got tags
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So who has a white mustang gt with "White Lightnin" across their windshield in Jacksonville? Cause I was driving by Ruby Tuesday's today and the car was parked at the building next to it, and I swear I saw a kid climbing all over that thing.

Don't know if its your kid or not, but just saying that ain't right...
Its also not right for a ModdedMustang mod to drive a Chevy :p:tomato
^Lol. The blue ridge parkway is definitely a nice drive. That sucks about your car getting wrecked man. Unfortunately school has taken over my life once again so I'm not able to get on here as much anymore.
It's all good I can get bumper, fog lights, etc from Roush for a lil under 450 but shippings going to kill me it was 30 dollars shipping on A 50 dollar exhaust tip, thinking about waiting for it to come back in stock on AM and gettin it from them so I can get the free shipping. As soon as it comes back in stock though I'm going to order one though and take it straight to the body man and have it put on
**** dude, it's pretty easy to put it on yourself. Get it painted and do it yourself. I have had mine off and on about 3 times. I'd be glad to walk you through the process.
I'd still have to take it to the body man and have it painted :p and when it came off it broke the supports under the hood, in front of the radiator I'll get some pics tomorrow of it, I'll have to figure something out there to keep the bumper from sagging shouldn't be real hard :dunno
I'm doing great getting a huge paycheck tomorrow and just found out my bumpers in stock on AM so I should have the mustang back on the road within 2 weeks, as long as Irene doesn't mess up shipping
Hey guys just letting everyone in Union/Mecklenburg County area know, South 21 in Matthews is having a cruise in tonight from 6 until whenever hopefully I'll see some of you out there, but my babys still waiting on a new bumper :(
South 21 was rain checked last night, so it will be 2 fridays from now, hopefully I will have my car back by then so if anyone wants to meet up just let me know
I cannot believe it but my wife wants to get rid of her 97 Saleen speedster and get a truck.:(
If she's giving it away I'll take it, but giving is the keyword there

Also, I finally got my bumper ordered and it should be in sometime tomorrow
Hell yeah, looks great man :cool:
Yeah man, I'm really happy with how it turned out, now just to find the wires so I can hook up the fogs
Why didn't the body shop do that for you? I have to say it looks damn good though. I always liked the Roush new edges. Actually, aside from the cobra R they are the only new edge bodies I like.
To be honest, I'm not real sure

Also guys, after thinking it over, I'm selling the car, its just not practical for me to use as a daily driver anymore, I'm asking $6000 for it, 2003 Roush Stage 1 V6 5 speed, all the paperwork from Roush, 1 of 19 with the motor/trans combination, 1 of 2 with motor/trans/color scheme. It runs good, but it has a vacuum leak and is throwing a code, brand new tires, less than 600 miles on them, just back from the body shop, but it still needs a lil bit of work, such as a dent pulled out of the roof, and the rear wing replaced, the chrome has started flaking off the rims, but could be rechromed, if your interested I'll send you the Roush serial number, and the list of everything that was modified by Roush, and I'll answer any other questions about it
How is a v6 not a practical dd? Do you have kids to haul around or something?
Nah, its not practical because of the ride height, and the rough roads that I have to drive on, I'm worried about tearing the front end off again, right after I got it back from the body shop I scrapped on the road(not bad you can't see it, if I hadn't heard it I wouldn't have known), just because it was uneven, it'd be fine if I lived in the city somewhere, but I'm 15 minutes from anything except a chicken farm and the roads could use some TLC
whats up guys? whats everyone been up too? any new projects going on?
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