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Hello all,

I know I have been inexplicably absent for a while. Things are starting to come back for me now. I don't know where I was when I left here but after reading through a couple of posts in the club thread I'm realizing I owe people money. I don't remember who or how much but if it's not in the hundreds I can repay now.

Back in April of '10 I wrecked my mustang on the way to a call. I suffered a TBI and have been piece parting my memories back since. (that sounds sob storyish, I regained all but approximately 14 months of my memory once I left the hospital.)

I'm sorry if I owe any of you more money than I can repay now but I assure you I will make good. I see my logo thing says NCMM treasurer so I'm hoping I didn't take off with exuberant amounts of money, but if I did, again, I'm sorry. If any of you know what I owe please let me know, otherwise I will be combing through the threads and my PM's to try to figure it out.

But if you guys don't hate me, I have remembered that I'm a mustang fan lol and will be selling my truck to buy another one shortly. If I'm no longer welcome here I understand. Ya'll arent the only people I didn't remember. Turns out I have a son in CA...

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I've been here for a little bit and just found this. I'm currently stationed at Ft. Bragg but originally from Shelby. norcalam2 sorry to hear about your accident and I hope everything is good with you.
3161 - 3166 of 3166 Posts
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