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need a sig.please

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heres couple pics of car .do what ever you think looks good .thanx in advance
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ill have at it. but i got a few to do so might take some time.

come on "98" i need u here and help make sigs!
I'll do this one if you want. I am doing another one tonight but I can get this one tomorrow.
Hey samstang,
I got a sig done for you. Let me know if you want something different. I can change a few things if you want me to but I think it looks pretty cool. It definitely works and I have tested it on my sig already. Hope you like it.

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Thanks man. You've got a real nice car by the way. I love the roush style. I think it looks better than the GT500.
To move it you will just need to position the [xSIGPICx][x/SIGPICx] that you see in the text box where you want the picture to be.
You will probably have to change your text around or if you see someone with a sig on here and the type the way you like it ask them how they set it up.

If you want I could add the text you have to the picture in a cool way above and below the red box around the sig. That way you could do away with your type all together. It would look good but I will have to do it probably Sunday or Monday. I am going back out of town for the weekend and I am at work right now.
i just redid my text look ok now. great sig thanx agian
That looks good but I can still do what I said in the post above if you want. You are very welcome for the sig.
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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