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1st: Hopefully I am posting in correct forum.
2nd: I did a search to see if there was previous post. Did not see anything. Please direct me to a previous if it exist.
3rd: Please don't eat my 1st born if I ask a stupid question. Be nice, I'm a newbie to this forum and enjoying my 1st Mustang.
Question: I am contemplating installing an aftermarket shifter, both for good looks and any advantage it may have over a stock shifter. I'm a 55 year old male, mostly a moderate driver, not a hard core racer unless someone pisses me off.
Have researched MGW, Barton & Hurst products on line.
Looking for input. Any advantage to aftermarket? Which do you prefer?

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MGW all the way.

It's a quality piece and shifts amazing! Granted I do have the first generation 5.0 mustang... But I have driven/felt Hurst shiters/steeda/Pro-5.0/B&M....

You can fully adjust the MGW's position and you can also adjust he length of the throws in it. Very, very solid piece.

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1st: Not really... Go to the forum marked modular mustangs, and from there go to 2011+. The boys and girls in there will help you more than the ***holes in here (jk).

2nd: I don't believe in search flaming unless its a question asked every day, or something crazy like that.

3rd: We all ask dumb questions, especially when new. Yours, however, isn't dumb. In fact, as long as it isn't something like, "can i uze sum water in mie engyne to kleen owt tat oled oyel?"

Anyway, I personally don't have an aftermarket shifter... Yet.

Although Hurst was the end-all-be-all in the 60s and 70s, it seems to be fairly kinda bad today. MGW and Steeda seem to be the best, MGW being the better one. That's all opinion stuff, though.

Any advantage to aftermarket? Yes. Ford built the car for everyone, not you, therefore the aftermarket means the car can be built for you, and built better. Aftermarket shifters take out some slop and throw in the stock shifter.
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