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so im thinking of selling my 98 pi swapped gt to buy a 5.0 heres the comparison. my cars mod list

SCT 2 6600 series 4 bank eliminater chip w/ switch cable
99 GT Performance Heads
99 GT performance Intake
99 pi cam
24# injectors
255lph walboro racing fuel pump
Steeda underdrive pully
Steeda Auto-timing adjuster
Pro-M 87mm MAF
K&N air filter
Optima Red top High performance battery w/ Gold stinger terminals
Bosch platinum +4 plugs,
Brendel racing 8mm sparkplug wires
Steeda K- member
Steeda strut tower brace,
Steeda full length welded sub frame connecters
Steeda bumpstear
Maximum Motorsport caster/camber,
Maximum Motorsport front and rear sway bars
Steeda coil overs in front with steeda pro springs
Steeda offset bushings
40 series flowmaster mufflers
Tokico Illumina 5 way adjustable shocks/struts (front and rear)
Eibach sportline springs in rear
Steeda X2 ball joints
Steeda Adjustable rear lower control arms
Steeda G-trac bar,
Steeda tri-axe short throw shifter

and this is his mod list. i put down 256 rwhp and 289 tourqe does the car i want to buy out perform my car now. Any input would be awesome and yes the fox body is very clean! As my car is super clean as well!

3:73 Gears306 w/ forged pistons, 69 Windsor heads (worked to the max), port and polished, 202 & 160 valves, Cobra roller rockers 1.6, Trick Flow stage 2 cam, Trick Flow track heat intake w/ 1 inch heat spacer, Ford Racing 75mm throttle body, 24 pound per hour fuel injectors, BBK cold air intake, headers, underdrive pulleys, fuel pressure regulator, MSD ignition, Box, coil, and distibutor cap, Perma cool electric fan, Compucar wet nitrous system adjustable from 50-250 horsepower, UPR a/c and smog delete, C &L 80mm mass air, Optima battery, BBK subframe connectors, BBK 2 inch lowering springs, Ford Racing 373 gears w/ Cobra locker, have complete twin turbo set up to go on car but not installed yet. .

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I'd say from a performance stand point yes. Are they the best choices in parts I'd say no.
The fox body will be lighter and rougher... Your car will ride nicer so I'd say take it for a spin and drive it like you drive your car and see if you can deal with the dated suspension
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