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Hey there!

I have some aftermarket wheels on my Mustang and need help indentify them.

I'm actually after the center caps and You'll see it's not easy! :(

If anyone ever dealt with this kind of wheel and has some solution how to get those center caps in an economy way, please share that with me.

Measurements of the center caps. (It's staggered so it's different)
These are ultra-light, aluminum wheels! Saleen style?

Front: 6-3/8" Diameter with 5/8" Deep

Rear : 7-1/4" Diameter with 5/16" Deep

Any idea?!

Thanks in advance!

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^ that was my real guess sorry :(

(this one could possibly be a post whore move)
actually it cant because instead of editing I would of made a new one

just so you cant call me a post whore ill edit edit this one and say


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The look like Frightning's Weld Pro Stars . could be wrong though
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